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NEW BOOK: Mobile 4th Wave: Mining the Trillion Dollar Opportunity August 26, 2013

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I am pleased to announce that our Mobile Future Forward Book for 2013 will be published and become available exclusively to Mobile Future Forward participants on Sept 10th. As is the tradition, the book has some brilliant essays and interviews from our speakers – the thought leaders and mobile industry senior executives, on trends, opportunities, innovations, and user experiences. More importantly, these thought-pieces highlight how some of the leading companies are gearing themselves to execute on the 4th wave. The book provides a perfect platform for our day long brainstorm about what the next 5 years in mobile will look like. We have extraordinary speakers and am really looking forward to the discussions throughout the day.

The essays are:

1. Mobile 4th Wave: Evolution of the Next Trillion Dollars – Chetan Sharma, President, Chetan Sharma Consulting

2. One-on-one with Ralph de la Vega, President and CEO, AT&T Mobility

3. Connected Car: Building a New Industry – Pavan Mathew, Head of Connected Car, Telefónica Digital

4. HTML5: Big Hurdles Exist, but Economics Will Always Win – Hank Skorny, Vice President/GM, Intel

5. Being Open: New Markets, New Opportunities – Tracy Isacke, Head of Americas, Telefónica Digital

6. Video is Not Data (or Voice) – Chris Koopsman, Vice President/GM, Citrix  ByteMobile

7. The Cloud and its Omnipresent Impact – Biju Nair, Chief Strategy Officer, Synchronoss

8. Digital Lifestyle Services: Winning ‘Life Share’ of Customers – Doug Suriano, Vice President, Oracle

9. Mobile Apps Privacy Framework for Consumer Transparency and Control – Sarla Sharma, Vice President, Chetan Sharma Consulting

10. The Internet of Things is Changing the Order of Things (and of Conversations) – Matt Carter, President, Sprint

11. Remaining Relevant and Sustainable in the Age of Smartphones – Stephen David, Former CIO, P&G

12. Building a New Business Within a Big Company: Keys to Success – Kevin Petersen, President, AT&T Digital Life

13. The Future of Mobile Healthcare – Raj Toleti, Chief Technology Officer, Patient Point

14. What Really Drives Mobile Devices Market Performance? – Chetan Sharma, President, Chetan Sharma Consulting

15. SDN – The Platform for Mobile Service Innovation – Steve Shaw, Director, Juniper Networks

The goal of the Mobile Future Forward Summit is to explore the future of the mobile industry, to create new connections, to openly discuss and debate new ideas. By bringing together a really diverse group of individual leaders – both speakers and audience, we are able to create an environment for constructive dialogue that will hopefully help in formulating your own strategies and product plans.

My thanks to all the authors and their respective organizations for making this year’s book possible.

Chetan Sharma


1. Dominic Greenwood - August 27, 2013

Hi Chetan,

Where can I obtain a copy of the book when published?


2. Mufeed Al Nabulsi - September 7, 2013

Hi, I can’t attend the summit but I am very interested in getting a copy of the book.

How can I have a copy


3. dan hodges - October 19, 2013

I look forward to reading this exciting publication

4. Scott Fasser - October 21, 2013

Hi Chetan, I’ve recently discovered you site and research and am interested in getting this book/essays for review. We work with AT&T quite closely so the insight would be tremendous. Is there a way to acquire the guide even though I was not in attendance to the conference?

Thank you!

5. David Martos - October 23, 2013

Hi Chetan,

this Mobile Future Forward Book for 2013 sounds really interesting - is it possible to get a glimpse into it?

Many thanks,

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7. Karen Kokiko - December 11, 2013

How can I get a copy of this book?

8. Vikas Goyal - December 13, 2013

I’m a big fan of Chetan Sharma’s articles, books and predictions. Is there a way I can buy this new book - Mobile 4th Wave?

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