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Chetan Sharma Consulting is a management consulting and strategic advisory firm focused on evolving trends, emerging problems and opportunities, new business models and technology advances that will take our mobile communications industry to the next level. Our expertise is in developing innovation-driven product and IP strategy.

We've helped companies like NTT DoCoMo, Disney, China Mobile, KDDI, Sprint Nextel, Sony, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Intel, Samsung, KTF, SAP, Motorola, Comcast, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Telefonica, AT&T Wireless, Alcatel-Lucent, Hunter Douglas, Skype, HP, Merrill Lynch, Bain, Virgin Mobile, ZTE, United Nations, American Express, Ricoh, Juniper, and many others.

"Simply put, working with Chetan provides us with a powerful competitive advantage"

- Mobile Company CEO


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Dr. Venu Vasudevan

Sr. Director, Motorola

"Chetan’s quick grasp of new technologies combined with his breadth of knowledge on the ad industry was instrumental in helping shape our research strategy around some key emerging opportunities. We found his combination of strategic thinking and focused feedback to be valuable, and look forward to re-engaging with him in the future"

- Dr. Mat Hans, Director and Dr. Venu Vasudevan, Sr. Director, Motorola

Larry Weber

Chairman of W2 Group

"Chetan is recognized globally as a go-to guy in wireless ... His latest book on Mobile Advertising is a terrific read"

- MarketEdge with Larry Weber

Mark Anderson

CEO, Strategic News Service and SNS Project Inkwell

"Chetan has assiduously applied himself to wireless issues and provides a world-class consultancy on these matters"

- Strategic News Service Newsletter

NV Subba Rao

President & CEO, Tanla Mobile, Former COO, Bharti Airtel

Working with Chetan was a real pleasure. His insights on consumer and the wireless ecosystem  - spanning products, applications, technology and myriad enterprises - for the  mobile advertising category per se was truly revealing and significantly compelling. No wonder Chetan  qualifies so well to be recognized as an authority on the subject. I look forward for  future opportunities to engage with him again


Mitul Shah


Senior Director, UN Foundation


"Chetan Sharma produced an exceptional publication for us and as our publication and research needs arise regarding mobile technology issues related to the developing world, we would, without a doubt, work with Chetan again.”


Stephen Burke

SVP Marketing



“Chetan’s ability to distill global and regional trends into clear directions for his audience is unmatched. Our work with Chetan, both as an analyst and a speaker at key company events, has always brought fresh insights to our work in mobile search and advertising”


Mobile Market Research

Mobile Strategy

Mobile Technology & Product Strategy

Intellectual Property Strategy & Patents, Expert Witness




Inside the USPTO: A Guide to the Patenting Process

An in-depth look at the patenting process

Do you have your IP Strategy in order?

We can help.


What is your Patent Portfolio QuotientTM?

Mobile Advertising
Chetan Sharma Consulting has helped leaders in the mobile advertising value chain - gain edge by formulating compelling long-term product strategies. Read our views on the subject in the two part series "Sell Phones: What will make mobile advertising tick?" published by Wireless World Magazine.



 Recent Client Testimonials

"Chetan is very knowledgeable about the global wireless markets. His approach to help us develop a long-term winning strategy was unique and efficient. He went beyond just delivering a detailed report to proactively help us execute on the recommended action steps."

Read KTF Case Study

Dr. Terry Ahn, VP

"Your work on 4G was much appreciated by DoCoMo R&D Management."


Dr. Yasuhisa Nakamura, SVP


"I hired Chetan to do focused, wireless data-related market research project after I read some of the top notch materials that he makes publicly available. Chetan was able to draw upon a wide range of primary and secondary sources to compile a significant amount of hard-to-find information in a very short period of time. His knowledge of the wireless data market is extraordinarily deep and I'll continue to make use of his services"

- Mark Davis, Sr. Director, Venturi Wireless

Wireless Industry Practice Spotlight -

Intellectual Property and Litigation/Expert Witness

Chetan Sharma Consulting has a successful track record in helping companies navigate the complex IP and patents environment. We have also served as an advisor to legal counsel to help them decipher challenging wireless technology and business issues in different types of legal disputes. Our credible opinions and analysis is backed by the depth of our intimate industry knowledge that helps us articulate complex concepts and technology jargon in a simple manner to a range of audience. We have been retained as an expert witness in several matters including:
  • US International Trade Commission: Intellectual Property Infringement & other unfair acts (Section 337 Investigations) -

    • Qualcomm vs. Broadcom,

    • Samsung vs. Ericsson

  • Defywire vs. Webmethods

  • Ajaxo vs. Everypath and E*Trade

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Wireless Industry Practice Spotlight -

Mobile Advertising and Mobile Search

We have been working on mobile search and mobile advertising before it started making the headlines. We have worked with players across the value chain from carriers to content providers to infrastructure providers to VCs.

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