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Mobile Future Forward 2012 Book – Connected Universe. Monetizing Opportunities. September 13, 2012

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We just concluded another sold-out and successful Mobile Future Forward on monday. As is the tradition, we released our annual thought-provoking book containing some brilliant essays and interviews from leaders in the industry.

We requested some of our speakers and industry leaders to put their ideas on paper. We are very grateful to all the authors and interviewees who survived our grueling publication schedule. Hopefully, this collection will give you a good insights into how these leaders view the emerging landscape. Our thanks to Dan Hesse, Glenn Lurie, Mark Hillman, Stephen Bye, Kevin Packingham, Rebecca Prudhomme, Doug Suriano, Biju Nair, Vince Spinelli, Wim Sweldens, Erik Moreno, Abhi Ingle, and Carlos Domingo.

The thought-pieces and the interviews in this book are:

1. Operator’s Dilemma (And Opportunity): The Fourth Wave – Chetan Sharma, President, Chetan Sharma Consulting

2. Q&A with Dan Hesse, CEO, Sprint Nextel

3. The “Aha” Moment – The Case for the Embedded Tablet – Glenn Lurie, President, AT&T

4. Wasted Mobile Data – The $1B problem for Operators – Mark Hillman, SVP, Compuware

5. Q&A with Vince Spinelli, Managing Director, Juniper Networks

6. Growing the Fourth Revenue Wave – It is Now or Never – Biju Nair, Chief Strategy Officer, Synchronoss Technologies

7. LTE is here and now. What’s Next? – Stephen Bye, CTO, Sprint

8. Evolution of mobile phones: Consumer demand drives the evolution – Kevin Packingham, Chief Product Officer, Samsung

9. Q&A with Rebecca Prudhomme, VP, Amdocs

10. Mobile Operators as ‘Enablers’ to personalized ‘Anywhere, AnyTime’ Services – Doug Suriano, CTO, Tekelec

11. Q&A with Wim Sweldens, President, Alcatel-Lucent Wireless

12. The FUTURE of web is mobile – Carlos Domingo, CEO, Telefonica R&D

13. Q&A with Erik Moreno, SVP, Fox Networks

14. Mobile Patents Landscape – Chetan Sharma, President, Chetan Sharma Consulting

15. Industries That Will Never Be the Same Again – Abhi Ingle, VP, AT&T Services, Inc.

These brilliant pieces delve into all facets of the mobile economy from the chipsets to the applications, from new monetization strategies to innovative business models, from supply-chain dynamics to spectrum issues, from competitiveness to collaboration, from cloud computing to connected devices, and from data analytics to connecting with the consumers, and much more. The authors are executives who are deeply engaged in accelerating the evolution of the mobile industry, their insights will give you practical advice on how to apply knowledge to your own businesses over the course of this decade.

The book was again produced in record time but it was an exhilarating ride. Thanks to all the authors and our publishing team for making this happen.


1. baran yurdagul - September 22, 2012

How can we purchase the book ?

2. Jeff - November 11, 2012

Okay. Where do you get the book!! There is no where on this page that shows you were to get the book!

3. Ace - November 24, 2012

How can I get a copy of the book?

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5. Clinton Wooton - February 12, 2013

Love the cover and the article about the book. The question is how do I purchase one?

6. Clinton Wooton - February 12, 2013

How do we purchase the book?

7. karen kokiko - December 11, 2013

how to purchase the book?