Request for Input – Mobile Predictions Survey 2024

Request for Input – Mobile Predictions Survey 2024

Dear friends,

Hope you are doing well.

The last three years have reset our assumptions, accelerated a number of trends while reshaping others. What will 2024 look like?

As is the tradition, we are doing our 17th Annual Mobile Predictions Survey for 2024. We would like to request your input in the process. We rely on our community and colleagues to help us understand the trends for the upcoming year. Those who complete the survey will receive a copy of the final results and analysis in early 2024.

The survey is available at

The questions are:

  1. What were the biggest mobile stories in 2023?
  2. What will be the biggest mobile stories of 2024?
  3. Who are the top 4 important players in the mobile ecosystem?
  4. What will be the breakthrough categories in mobile in 2024?
  5. What trends are permanent or temporary?
  6. Which technology made the biggest leap in the next two years?
  7. Biggest challenge for tech companies in 2024?
  8. Which industries will be shaped/disrupted the most by GenAI?
  9. Most successful GenAI company that will shape the next 2-3 years?
  10.  How far are we from AGI?
  11. What is likely to happen in 2024 (Telco and GenAI)?
  12. Which country will lead in AI?
  13. Who will make the biggest mobile acquisition in 2024?
  14. Regulators are likely to pursue Breakup for which of these companies?
  15. Which category will generate the most mobile data revenue in 2024?
  16. The company bringing the most successful mobile gadget of the year – 2023 and 2024?
  17. Mobile company of the year – 2023 and 2024?
  18. What’s the most convincing use case for 5G?
  19. When will Metaverse vision become a reality?
  20. Who is doing the most interesting work in the 5G space?
  21. Which region will end up leading the world in 5G by 2025?
  22. What aspects of 5G are going to generate the most revenue?
  23. What 5G applications and services will get the most traction?
  24. Who will be the winners of the 5G technology transition?
  25. Shall we 6G?
  26. Automation and Digitization of industries will lead to?
  27. Which of the following are likely to happen in 2024?
  28. What category will be impacted the most by mobile in the next 5 years?
  29. Which segments are likely to get disintermediated the most by algorithms in the next 5 years?
  30. Who was and will be the tech person of the year?

Deadline: Dec 15th.

Results will be released in early January.

Thanks, and hope to see you in person in 2024.
Kind regards,

Chetan Sharma