Global 5G Update – Q1 24

The global 5G subscriber base crossed 1.42B in Q1 2024 which is still at a 2x faster pace compared to 4G global adoption. During Q1 2024, the global subscriber base grew 5% with China accounting for roughly 49% of the global subscriber base. US, China, South Korea and Japan are the top four nations to pass the $3 Billion/quarter mark in 5G revenues. China Mobile has the greatest number of 5G global subs, now over 700M. Korea, US, and Japan are over 50% penetration. Korea is the first country to have 5G contribute to over 80% of its mobile data traffic. US operators have been expanding their networks at a good clip as well. India is nearing 200M and will soon pass US in total 5G subs to become the permanent number 2. Jio replaced China Mobile has the operator with most data traffic. Hundreds of 5G handsets are entering into the ecosystem. However, the real competition will be in the new billion-dollar revenue streams that get created. For ecosystem players who seek to develop a platform based on 5G, the work is just starting.


Global 5G Update provides strategic insights and a snapshot of the salient points on 5G progress in Q1 2024:

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