Shaping the future

“Your work on 4G was much appreciated by DoCoMo R&D Management”

-SVP and CTO, NTT DoCoMo

“I appreciate your insights and recommendations about how we should be approaching the long-term wireless opportunity”

-President, Walt Disney Internet Group


Our background is rooted in technology and R&D. We can go in as deep and as wide per the needs of the project. We have run R&D groups and pilot programs for clients, done industry standard analysis, delved into protocols and source code, and most importantly, we understand the business of technology very well. We are well versed with both consumer and enterprise markets. Our clients value the depth and the breadth of our experience, knowledge, and strategic thinking.

Our work across the mobile value-chain and across the various industry verticals gives us a unique view into the global mobile marketplace. We know the market leaders as well as the upcoming companies and as such our strategy assessment operates on a complete 360-degree view of the strategic questions, dilemmas, or opportunities in front of our clients. We pride ourselves in having the broadest understanding of the global wireless market. This very knowledge is what attracts our clients who can quickly benefit from the partnership. Our clients engage us for assessing near-term opportunities as well as the ones which are on a 5-10-year time-horizon.

Strategy Methodology

Unlike many other strategy firms, we have a very integrated approach to strategy. We strongly believe that taking market, business, technology, and intellectual property inputs into strategic initiative is essential in obtaining a long-term sustainable competitive advantage in the industry. By taking into account the various scenarios that might unfold, one is better prepared for any roadblocks and surprises down the road. Our strategy work takes a broad view of the ecosystem, the players, the technologies, the trends and prepares our clients on what’s to come. We offer actionable recommendations on how to build competitive advantage in the ever-changing industry landscape.

Sample Engagements

A large media company wanted to do a comprehensive review of their strategic initiatives in mobile around the globe. We delved deep into the interworkings of the company and within four weeks presented our set of recommendations for future growth to the senior management team.

A global mobile VAS player was looking to enter the mobile advertising space. We provided a comprehensive strategy for technology, market-entry, and partnerships.

A major advertising agency was looking to understand how it should leverage the mobile channel in its advertising campaigns. We provided strategic blueprint and roadmap of the mobile advertising ecosystem and recommendations on how they should participate to maximize the impact.

A major global operator was looking to invest heavily in a specific sector which seemed to be getting some traction in the market. However, after our assessment, we concluded that such a strategic initiative won’t be fruitful in the long run. Within 9-12 months, the market shifted, justifying our recommendations and thus saved our client hundreds of millions of dollars.

A major enterprise s/w player wanted to understand the evolution of mobile for an enterprise worker and how their products should evolve with the same. We provided a 5-year framework for product roadmap that was integrated into their strategy.