Market Research

Understanding What’s Next?

“I contacted Chetan with a very specific but potentially overwhelming request to build an investment framework for the US Wireless Market. His approach to the project was thoughtful, interactive, and comprehensive ultimately leading to a superior result. And the project was completed on time and within budget. I find myself frequently referencing Chetan’s work as I investigate new investment opportunities and would not hesitate to get him involved in a specific deal.”

– Managing Director, Vulcan Ventures


Chetan Sharma Consulting’s research work is one of the most read and widely quoted in the industry. Our work is regularly cited by all major publications around the globe such as The NY Times, Business Week, Nikkei Electronics, WSJ, CNBC, NPR, BBC, Guardian, TechCrunch, Times of India, Time Magazine, Economist, and many others.

Our work is data intensive and we track trends and numbers at a granular level for most of the major markets. We complement our understanding with feedback from industry executives worldwide to get a real-time pulse of the markets. Most of our projects are custom research work where clients are looking for specific trends, insights, and forecasts. Our assessment is rooted in reality vs. excel spreadsheets.

We have also helped facilitate, designed focus group sessions, and conducted end-user focus group studies.

Service Areas

Some of the common areas of interest are:

  • Market potential sizing
  • Market trends and quantification
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Value-chain Analysis
  • Technical assessment of products and service offerings
  • Demand analysis for products
  • Financial modeling and scenario analysis
  • Seminars and industry presentations
  • Whitepapers and user surveys

Sample Engagements

A major operator wanted to look at the investment opportunities in mobile data in the North American market. We provided the market research, strategic roadmap, and helped our client execute on our recommendations which lead to multiple multi-million dollar investments.

A mobile product company wanted to understand their potential market and revenue stream in specific countries with specific operators. We provided the subscriber growth and financial models.

A prominent VC firm needed to understand the high ROI sub-sectors within the mobile industry. We provided a 5-year investment framework.

A mobile startup wanted to build the financial model for their mobile data services. We created a custom financial model for them that gave a realistic assessment of the potential revenue stream.