Intellectual Property

Comprehensive Consulting Services in Intellectual Asset Management

“Chetan’s expertise in many facets of the wireless industry were invaluable in protecting our client’s intellectual property.”

Partner, Patton Boggs

“Your work was extremely valuable to Sprint Nextel”

-Chief Legal Counsel, Sprint Nextel


Chetan Sharma Consulting is one of the leading companies on Intellectual Property matters in the wireless industry. We have advised clients with some of the biggest patent and IP portfolios in the world in any industry and players across the wireless chain – from carriers to small startups. We work with clients to maximize their financial returns on innovations and enhance shareholder value. We help in creating IP, managing IP, and protecting IP across the value chain.

(Reference and link to Mobile Patents Landscape 5th Edition – 2016 paper)

We focus on two key aspects of IP:

IP Strategy and Patents

Chetan Sharma Consulting helps companies prepare, execute, and audit a solid IP strategy that directly feeds into the product management strategy. This involves IP Policy, Patents, Claim construction, Competitive analysis, etc. Clients include Content Players, Startups, Venture Capitalists, Technology firms, Software firms, Hardware companies, Innovation firms, and others.



Strategic asset Portfolio Management Intellectual property as a tool to:

  • gain sustainable competitive advantage
  • protect market position, create business value,
  • give access to capital, and
  • establish a brand Fostering the Innovation Process
  • the idea generation: analysis of innovation
  • measuring the idea against the market and competition
    • Indicators for R&D project selection
    • Setting up IP Policy and Procedures
    • Advising on establishing and administering corporate IP programs: defensive, and utility IP.
  • developing the resulting product or service
  • launching the product or service Valuation of Intellectual Asset
  • Due diligence process on intellectual assets for venture capital firms and other investors in privately held companies
  • Evaluation of patents of a sub-segment of an industry
  • Evaluation of reported goodwill
  • Third Party patent valuation
  • Management reporting tool to monitor the increase of company’s worth Intellectual property audit Industry competitive analysis Improve the value of the Intellectual Asset
  • Exploiting patents via licensing
  • Best practice for interaction between IP managers and risk management
  • Commercialization of Intellectual Assets
  • Broadening the scope of potential IP


Wireless Industry Expert Witness and Advisor to Legal Counsel and Law firms

Chetan Sharma Consulting has a successful track record in helping companies navigate the complex IP and patents environment. We have also served as an advisor to legal counsel to help them decipher challenging wireless technology and business issues in different types of complex legal disputes. Our credible opinions and analysis is backed by the depth of our intimate industry knowledge that helps us articulate complex concepts and technology jargon in a simple manner to a range of audience. We have been retained as an expert witness in several matters including:

  • US International Trade Commission: Intellectual Property Infringement & other unfair acts (Section 337 Investigations)
  • Qualcomm vs. Broadcom (with intervenors - Sprint Nextel, Verizon Wireless, Kyocera, Samsung, Motorola, LG Telecom) In The Matter of Certain Baseband Processor Chips and Chipsets, Transmitter and Receiver (Radio Chips), Power Control Chips, and Products Containing Same, Including Cellular Telephone Handsets
  • Samsung vs. Sony Ericsson In the matter of Certain Wireless Communications Equipment, Articles Therein, and Products Containing the Same.
  • Defywire vs. Webmethods
  • Upaid vs. Satyam
  • Ajaxo vs. Everypath and E*Trade
  • AT&T Mobility
  • Openwave vs. 724 Solutions
  • Sprint Nextel vs. Verizon Wireless
  • Katz vs. FedEx
  • and Others

In the process, we have worked with some of the leading IP firms and attorneys such as:

  • Kirkland & Ellis
  • Patton Boggs
  • Finnegan Henderson
  • Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw & Pittman
  • Goldberg & Kohn,
  • Nixon Peabody,
  • and Others

Work on the above projects involved evaluation of IP, Trade Secrets, specifications, design documents, source code, algorithms, patent applications, patents, witness and expert depositions, and testimonies, consultations with damage experts, submission of detailed written expert opinion reports, expert witness depositions and testimonies.