Unique and Integrated Perspectives in the Mobile Marketplace

Chetan Sharma Consulting is a unique management consulting firm in the media, telecom, and Internet space. Our expertise comes from our work across the value chains across geographies over the last 16 years. We have advised Fortune 25 companies as well as groomed startups to become future disruptors.

By completely understanding the full lifecycle of an idea or an investment, the ecosystem complexities, the market differences, the players, and the leaders, and by grasping the nuances of the ecosystem end-to-end, we are able to draw up strategic plans and recommendations for our clients that yield them the highest ROI.

Our experience spans the globe and we actively track and work in the biggest and the most innovative global markets in the world – Asia, Europe, and North America. We have a very integrated approach to strategy. We strongly believe that taking market, business, technology, and intellectual property inputs into strategic initiative is essential in obtaining a long-term sustainable competitive advantage in the industry.