Announcing Mobile Future Forward 24

Announcing Mobile Future Forward 24

We are living through a technology renaissance period of the Quantumverse. Exponential Frontiers personify the boundaries of advancement that are pushed forward at an increasingly blistering pace, thanks to the power of synchronous s-curve convergence and cascading breakthroughs. In essence, Exponential Frontiers encapsulate the potential for a paradigm shift in how we live, work, and interact, driven by the power of the Quantumverse.

The rapid race to rearchitect and power the AI Infrastructure to accelerate intelligence and automation @ scale is leading to transformative changes across industries and societies. Navigating these Exponential Frontiers requires fearlessness, bold vision, uncanny ability to imagine the unseen, thriving in parallel but conflicting scenarios, partnering and competing like never before.

Mobile Future Forward has been a galvanizing force that unites the brightest minds and boldest visionaries to forge the path toward this unprecedented future. With the invaluable collaboration of our partners and the unwavering support of our community, we are assembling a constellation of luminaries, disruptors, and trailblazers who will help navigate the way forward. Together, we will engage in a captivating dialogue that transcends boundaries, challenging conventional wisdom and redefining what’s possible. Mobile Future Forward has always been the vanguard, setting the industry’s agenda with unparalleled foresight and inspiring brainstorming. This year, we eagerly dive into the Quantumverse: Navigating Exponential Frontiers.

We are thrilled to welcome two amazing leaders of our industry to the Quantumverse to brainstorm Navigating Exponential Frontiers – Ulf Ewaldsson, President – Technology, T-Mobile and Sampath Sowmyanarayan, EVP & CEO, Verizon Consumer.

We will be announcing the addition of new speakers and partners throughout spring and summer.

On behalf of our partners and our inspiring community, we welcome you to join us in the journey of Quantumverse and contribute to the discussions that will shape the global industries and economies for years to come.

Registration is open now (Early Bird expires soon).

Hope to see you in Sept.

Thanks, and have a great spring.

Best wishes,

Chetan Sharma