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Chetan Sharma Consulting is one of the most respected management consulting and strategic advisory firms in the mobile, media, and technology industry. We are focused on evolving trends, emerging challenges and opportunities, new business models and technology advances. Our expertise is in developing innovation-driven product and IP strategy. Our clients range from small startups with disruptive ideas to multinational conglomerates looking for an edge. We help major brands formulate winning, profitable, and sustainable strategies.

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Chetan Sharma

Chetan Sharma is Founder and CEO of Chetan Sharma Consulting and is one of the leading strategists in the mobile industry.

Sarla Sharma

Sarla is Managing Partner at the firm. She has several years of experience working with KPMG and Arthur Andersen.

Company Values

Innovation-Focused – Having been in the wireless industry from the 1G days, we understand the cycles better than most. We have deeper appreciation of what it take to make a new idea successful, have the battle scars to prove it. We look for breakthroughs that will take our industry, our clients, our understanding of what’s to come, forward, by leaps and bounds. We have a passion for innovation and we take a multi-disciplinary and data-driven approach to answering tough questions and see through the fog.

High Integrity – As one of the very few independent consulting firms in the mobile space, we pride ourselves in exceeding the standards on integrity and conflicts of interest. Our reputation is everything to us and we approach each assignment with utmost honesty and in the best interests of our clients.

Intellectually Curious – We are always looking 5-10 years into the future and pondering the what-ifs, whys, and the hows of the technology world. We are constantly probing new boundaries that are yet to take shape but could have profound impact on the trajectory of the ecosystem.

Data-Driven – We are known for our data-driven strategy and research work. We are constantly updating the hundreds of data points that we collect through primary and secondary research to keep our viewpoints in touch with reality. A rigorous analytical approach allows us to advise our clients with the best course of action on tough questions and clearer approach to embrace from a myriad of possible scenarios. We are in constant pursuit of the ground truth, digging deeper into the details, and looking at the data from multiple angles.

Do Good – We want to contribute our knowledge and skills to the greater good of the global economy. As such, we have been actively involved in projects with UN Foundation and the ITU doing work around transforming the regulatory frameworks and the emerging market economies.

Logo Design

There are two key strands that run through our DNA and have been a core part of our 16 year old history – Global Horizons and Connecting the Dots. Our work with our clients enables us to look at the entire value chains across multiple industries in scores of countries. This gives us a unique view into the opportunities from a global lens and lead our clients to expand their horizons in competitive and profitable ways. The seven dots represent the seed of life in the cosmos of creativity and ideas. Given our work across multiple dimensions looking into the future, we have a unique vantage point to connect the dots to new insights, new investment areas, new customers and partners, and new roadmaps that lead to tangible successful outcomes. The Chetan Sharma Consulting logo melds the two notions of global horizons and connecting the dots across the vast universe of possibilities – that drive us on a daily basis and conveys our work in the Connected Intelligence Era.

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