What would you ask?

What would you ask?

Over the course of next 2 weeks, I will have the opportunity to moderate three excellent panels. Details below.

My request to you is – what would you ask if you were moderating the panel or sitting down for lunch with them 1-on-1? Please leave a comment or send me a note and i will try my best to get an answer for you. Thanks.

The first two are at GigaOM’s Mobilize (Sept 18th) which is shaping up to be a truly remarkable event with both the depth and breadth of content, people, and discussion.

Panel – Signals from the Near Future: The Mobile Guru Panel

Everybody wants a glimpse into the near future, especially the entrepreneurs in our audience. To elicit useful insights we are bringing together some of the world’s foremost mobile gurus to “chew the fat.” In a session led by Chetan Sharma, we will ask them what trends they find interesting and what they foresee coming in the near future, by looking at patterns in the present.

Marc Davis, Chief Scientist of Yahoo! Connected Life and Director of ESP, Yahoo!

Fred Kitson, Corporate Vice President, Applied Research and Technology Center, Motorola, Inc.

Russ McGuire, Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Sprint

John SanGiovanni, Co-Founder, Vice President, Product Design, Zumobi

Panel – The Carrier Panel: Strategies To Keep Mobile Data Growing

Stagnant subscriber figures. Low churn rates. There is only so much talking that a person can do in the day. So profits from voice are at a stasis. The new frontier for profits and opportunity is through growing mobile data. But it needs to be nurtured and there has to be a plan to enable the entrepreneurs to exploit it. The panel will try to gain insights into what the carriers will do to make the mobile data explosion happen.

Venetia Espinoza, Director, Mobile Applications and Partner Programs, T-Mobile

Russ McGuire, Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Sprint

Frank Meehan, General Manager of 3G Handsets and Products, Hutchinson Whampoa/3

Michael Woodward, Vice President, Mobility Business Marketing, AT&T

The 3rd and final panel of the month is at TiE Silicon Valley on the 22nd

Panel – Convergence of social networking and mobile applications in Asia

Social networking and mobile applications have undoubtedly taken hold of how we consume and share data and interact with the world around us.  The convergence of these segments has also created a new field of opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.  Asia, in particular, has led the world in adoption and activity of social networks and mobile applications.  Come join us in a discussion about how the different Asia markets have led the world in consumer adoption.  We will discuss investment themes, business models, and case studies and how they could apply to U.S. ventures.

Ramneek Bhasin, CEO, Mobio Networks

Mike Ding , Investment Director, BlueRun Ventures

Sasha Mirchandani, Senior Investment Director, BlueRun Ventures

Ray Taylor, President and CEO, Mobopia