US Mobile Market Update – Q1 2020

US Mobile Market Update – Q1 2020

Summary of US Mobile Market Q1 2020

US Mobile Market Update – Q1 2020

Q1 2020 will be remembered for one thing and one thing only – the start of the Covid19 pandemic. While there were other salient milestones for the industry, the industry itself will fundamentally change as a result of shock to the economy, healthcare system, and the tech ecosystem. The resiliency of the wireline and wireless networks has so far been quite good. Most of the traffic surge has been on the wireline networks jumping up on an average 20%. Wireless networks have seen the demand rise on an average 5% from the previous normal levels.

Q1 was also the quarter when T-Mobile finally wrapped up its marriage to Sprint after a 2-year courtship. A merger of this magnitude will reshape the competitive landscape in the US market. Overall, the device purchases collapsed for Q1, down by 30% QoQ thus bringing down the net revenue by almost 8%. 5G subs increased. Churn was its lowest and service revenue stayed flat. Perhaps for the first time, there was no net phone adds in the quarter. Tablets shrank further. Wearable growth slowed down. Q2 might be even more challenging.

Topics covered in the research update

  • Q1 2020 US Mobile Market Highlights
  • Q1 2020 Snapshot (YoY)
  • Covid Impact on Networks
  • Corona Virus Impact and Implications
  • Acceleration of Connected Intelligence
  • How Wireless Industry can respond to the Covid-19 Pandemic?
  • The Race to the 5G icon – A Status Update
  • 5G Race Update
  • New Wireless CEO reign begins
  • 5G: Platform for Innovation and Disruption
  • 5G – Known Knowns and Known Unknowns
  • The New T-Mobile – What’s Next?
  • 4th Wave: Operator’s (5G) Destiny
  • What to Expect in the Coming Months?
  • US Wireless Market Q1 2020 Analysis
    • Service Revenues
    • ARPU
    • Subscribers
    • 5G Progress
    • 4th Wave Progress
    • Connected Devices
    • Handsets

Editorial Notes:

This is the last quarter with Sprint as an independent entity. We will combine the numbers and analysis for the combined new T-Mobile starting next quarter.

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