Time: Welcome to the Golden Age of Mobile

Time: Welcome to the Golden Age of Mobile

I did an interview with Tim Bajarin who writes for the Time Magazine about our upcoming Mobile Future Forward Summit, the changing wireless industry, and the Golden Age of Mobile. Excerpts below. You can read the whole column here.

One of the smartest guys I know covering the world of mobile is Chetan Sharma, head of Chetan Sharma Consulting. I had a chance to speak at an event with him a few years ago and was highly impressed with his knowledge and perspective on all things mobile.

I recently received a promotional note from him about his Mobile Future Forward event, which will be held on September 10 in Seattle. I have not had a chance to attend these conferences in the past but have heard from others that it is one of the best and most important conferences on mobile, covering all types of key issues and opportunities in mobility, which clearly is driving the next major technology boom around the world.

In his opening note to potential attendees, Chetan made a statement that pretty much sums up the future of mobile: He said, “It is very clear to us that we are entering the ‘Connected Intelligence’ era. These two operative words are going to define the next phase of human evolution and are going to dramatically change every industry vertical from the ground up. Welcome to the Golden Age of Mobile.”

Chetan is right on the money with this perspective. Connected intelligence in mobile devices will be the next major force behind mobile innovation, and it appears that the mobile industry sees this vision and is preparing to drive it in this direction. Chetan believes that technology evolves in 50-year cycles. In a call with him last week, he pointed out that these cycles can be seen when it comes to steam engines, electricity, cars and more. During those 50-year cycles, the core technology is established and innovative products are created while the underling technology becomes the backbone for even more innovation as the years go by.

He says that the PC innovation part started in the mid-1970s and that we are approaching the 42nd year of this cycle. During that time, PCs, tablets and smartphones have been created and the backbone technology has been laid to drive even greater innovation. He expects that the next big wave will come with connected intelligence devices using IP networks and new wireless technologies that will, in context, drive a whole new ranges of products and services. He also pointed out that “we could be entering a new space that takes advantage of the technology from the last cycle and drives great smart mobile applications and new innovations for the next 10 years.”

One other key point he made during our conversation is that while connectivity is a key element, he says that “intelligence that emanates from the data that can be programmed is what is different now.” This gives new meaning to connectivity, and “connectivity with intelligence will define the next wave of computing.”