Seeking your participation

Seeking your participation

Last year we did our end of the year predictions for 2008. We will get to how we did in an another post later this week, but, wanted to take this opportunity to request input for the questions for this year. What’s on your mind? What questions would you like to get answered for 2009? What trends do you see? Which companies are you most interested? Which products?

Let your imagination and help us out.

For your help, we will add your name to the drawing where you can win a signed copy of one of our three books released this year.

For reference, last year’s questions were:

1. Will Google introduce a Google Branded Phone in 2008?

2. Will Google play to win in the 700MHz Spectrum Auction?

3. Will Microsoft launch its own mobile phone?

4. Will Mobile Payments get traction in North America and Western Europe?

5. Will WiMAX regroup from its setbacks?

6. Will Helio survive 2008?

7. Will Verizon truly open-up its garden for third-party visitations?

8. Will 2008 be the inflection year for Mobile Advertising?

9. Will Femto-Cells gain any significant momentum in 2008?

10. Will Nokia be able to extract iPhone-style rev-share from carriers in 2008?

11. Will Palm survive 2008?

12. Will iPhone truly open up?

13. Will there be more unsubsidized devices introduced in the US market in 2008?

14. Will Mobile TV move the needle in 2008?

15. Will Android make a dent in handset shipments in 2008?

Feedback and suggestions most welcome. Thanks very much in advance.