Reintroducing Chetan Sharma Consulting Website

Reintroducing Chetan Sharma Consulting Website


Trust your spring is going well.

I joined the mobile industry back in 1994 when AMPS was still hot, neural networks were the AI of that generation, CDPD, Mobitex, and DataTac were the precursor to the data tsunami the industry experienced in the last decade. That mobile data will become the defining story was quite clear to me very early on as I was getting involved with NTT DoCoMo who pioneered iMode to show the way. In 2001, I started doing product, technology, and strategy consulting. We put a bare bones website – and though we published fairly regularly and were involved in landmark projects, we just never got around to upgrading the website. After many years, we have finally given it a face-lift and brought the site into the 21stcentury. The new website is up and running and hope you have had a chance to look around.

Many of you know us from our research papers or our opinions/stats quoted in the media or from our thought-leadership summits. Just wanted to take a brief moment and reintroduce you to the strategy side of the house. We have been behind the scenes of some major industry initiatives that have changed the trajectory of growth and disruption, working with large clients and small, Fortune 500 companies who dominate NASDAQ to startups that will do so in the future. We work around the globe with governments and regulators to help shape the future. Our strategic insights have helped our clients launch new businesses as well as avoid costly mistakes. Given our work across the value chain, we have a unique 360-degree perspective on the same opportunity, same problem, and same data-set. We act as a radar for our clients to help them guide the ship in competitive waters. Our approach is data-driven and it helps frame the discussion in ground-truths. We pride ourselves in being ahead of the curve (except for the website of course!).

There are two key strands that run through our DNA and have been a core part of our 16-year-old history – Global Horizons and Connecting the Dots. Our work with our clients enables us to look at the entire value chains across multiple industries in scores of countries. This gives us a unique view into the opportunities from a global lens and lead our clients to expand their horizons in competitive and profitable ways. The seven dots in the logo represent the seed of life in the cosmos of creativity and ideas. Given our work across multiple dimensions looking into the future, we have a distinct vantage point to connect the dots to new insights, new investment areas, new customers and partners, and new roadmaps that lead to tangible successful outcomes. The Chetan Sharma Consulting logo melds the two notions of global horizons and connecting the dots across the vast universe of possibilities – that drive us on a daily basis and conveys our work in the Connected Intelligence Era.

I invite you to visit the site and I look forward to your feedback to make it more useful to you. If we can be any assistance with your product and services roadmap, we are here to help.

Thanks and keep in touch.

Chetan Sharma


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