RCR Bellevue Conference

RCR Bellevue Conference

I will be speaking and moderating at the upcoming event organized by our good friends and MFF partner – RCR Wireless in Bellevue on Aug 2nd.

http://rcrlocal.com/bellevue/events/ (be sure to register with partner code for 33% discount)

Will kick things off with a keynote on mobile evolution and the opportunities

11:30 am

General Session: Mobile Evolution 2.0: Managing for Growth and Profits

Chetan Sharma, President, Chetan Sharma Consulting
The last 10 years saw a gradual awareness and increase of mobile data services around the world. In countries like Japan, mobile data is already generating the bulk of operator revenues. The networks around the world are starting to come under duress. The growth in revenues and the management of the margins will be defined by how well the players are able to adapt to the shifting sands. The talk will take a look at the trends around the world, specifically look at the various strategies that need to be deployed, and discuss the evolving landscape this coming decade.

and then have a chance to moderate a great panel on monetization of broadband

04:30 pm

General Session: Monetizing Mobile Broadband Networks

Moderator: Chetan Sharma;

Brian Lent, CTO, Medio Systems
Jeff Giard, Director, T-Mobile
Tyler Davidson, VP, Amdocs
Vern Fotheringham, Chairman, CTB
Steve French, VP, Newbay

Value added services discussions are a dime a dozen; while over the top service providers enjoy astronomical valuations and IPOs,  Experienced industry insiders and investors look into the crystal ball to discuss how carriers are going to drive ROI for shareholders.

Hope to see some of you there