US Mobile Market Update – Q2 2019

5G Industry Transition – We have worked on every single G transition and as we move into the 5G cycle, we continue to stay heavily engaged with players across the ecosystem and around the globe from very advanced markets to just emerging. Chetan Sharma Consulting is involved in several 5G strategic projects across three continents, across the value chain, so, have a front row seat into what’s coming. We have penned 12 research papers on 5G already – most in-depth in the industry, many of them industry firsts, and have several in the works for the coming months based on what we are learning from our work on the ground.

Summary of US Mobile Market Q2 2019

Q2 2019 was marked by feverish 5G activity with all four major operators deploying 5G in select new markets and launching new Android handsets. The other big item on the docket was the pending T-Mobile-Sprint merger which passed the DOJ hurdle, but the state challenges remain. Overall, the net revenues declined due to continued slump in the device sales. T-Mobile’s postpaid churn was a mere 0.78% which is the lowest recorded by any US operator in recent memory. AT&T continued to lead the overall net-adds on the back of its dominance of connected devices growth. Wearables grew. Tablets shrank further.

Topics covered in the research update

• Q2 2019 US Mobile Market Highlights
• Connected Intelligence 2030
• So, How is 5G doing? – A Status Report
• 5G Race Update
• Edge Computing: A Paradigm Shift?
• 5G: Impact on Industries
• 5G Policy Recommendations for Governments, Regulators, and the Ecosystem
• The Rise of Smartwatches and the Decline of Cellular Tablets
• 5G – Known Knowns and Known Unknowns
• Will T-Mobile/Sprint Merger go through? An Update
• Dish might become the 4th Wireless Player. Will it matter?
• The Biggest Telecom Policy Failure of the West
• What to Expect in the Coming Months?
• US Wireless Market Q2 2019 Analysis
• Service Revenues
• Subscribers
• 4th Wave Progress
• Connected Devices
• Handsets

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We will be keeping a close eye on the trends in the wireless data sector in our blog, twitter feeds, and future research. The next US Wireless Market update will be released in Nov 2019.

Disclaimer: Some of the companies mentioned in this update are our clients.