The History and the Future of Connected Intelligence

Last year we introduced the concept of “Connected Intelligence” and how it is going to shape the next era of computing, communications, and technology. While to some this might seem as something new, folks who have been tinkering on the edges know that this evolution has taken place over more than 200 years. The concept of connectivity and intelligence have been around for decades. Early form of communication between two end points has existed since early 1800s. In fact, intelligence organizations in military and espionage have been using the basic techniques for the last two centuries. Even the industrial folks recognized the need for end-point sensors to communicate data of “things” that are outside the constant purview of humans.

The oil and gas industry has been using basic telemetry for almost half a century. The history of connected intelligence is very long. The present day evolution is the culmination of the several trends of the last two centuries. From the early days of telemetry to significant developments in machine to machine to connecting objects to the internet via Internet of Things have played a critical role in this journey. Along the same lines, the telegraphy, the phone, and the cellular industry have over the same time period changed how bits are transferred from point A to point B. To appreciate where we are going, we need to marvel at the historical achievements of the pioneers of past. In this paper, we will take a look at how the notion of connected intelligence has evolved over the last two centuries and where do we go from here.

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Chetan Sharma