Global 5G Update – Q1 2021

5G deployments have started gaining pace around the world. While there is a lot of noise, there is quite a bit of progress with real network launches, handset introductions, consumer adoption, new applications and services. Chetan Sharma Consulting started Global 5G Update research service to help executives make informed, strategic and business decisions, to understand the trends and how they might shape their product roadmaps. There are three countries leading the way – China, Korea, and the US. 5G is a unique cycle. Operators need to be really strategic about how they deploy CAPEX and plan new revenue generation 4th Wave strategies. The structure of the wireless industry is likely to look quite different coming out of the 5G cycle than going in. There are early indications of how this might pan out but operators, regulators, and the encompassing ecosystem needs to adjust to the new realities, fast.

During Q1 2021, the global subscriber base grew 26% with China accounting for roughly 71% of the global subscriber base. From the start, we have been saying that Korea will lead in % penetration, China in total subscribers, and US will lead in revenue. All three have now come true. No major market will be able to catch any of the three leaders in their respective dimensions. US, China, and South Korea are the top three nations to pass the $1 Billion/quarter mark in 5G revenues. China Mobile has the greatest number of 5G global subs. Korea predictably leads in subscriber penetration becoming the first country to approach the critical 25% threshold. It also became the first country to have 50% of its mobile data on 5G. US operators have been expanding their networks to get the 5G icon working. More 5G handsets are entering into the ecosystem. However, the real competition will be in the new billion-dollar revenue streams that get created. For ecosystem players who seek to develop a platform based on 5G, the work is just starting.

Global 5G Update provides strategic insights and a snapshot of the salient points on 5G progress in Q1 2021:

  • 5G in Q1 2021
    • Overview
    • Summary
    • 5G Race
    • Subs and Penetration
  • 5G Data Consumption
  • Does 5G Increase ARPU?
    • 5G Revenue
  • 5G Progress
    • China
    • Korea
    • Japan
    • US
    • Rest of the World

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