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Over the last twenty years, the global economy has slowly transformed into a vibrant knowledge economy. With reduced barriers to entry and pervasive globalization, a small company in a developing world can compete for its share on the world stage. The invention of new ideas and products remains an integral part of the global economy and the commercial food chain. Patents are an invaluable tool to protect and commercialize the inventions. They are essential to creating the barriers to entry for rivals. They are needed for building the credibility and the confidence of investors, customers, partners, and employees. They are required for providing clarity as to the property ownership, for demanding leverage from the industry, and for generating sustainable revenue from licensing and sale.

In the global marketplace, amongst all the other competitive factors, innovation matters the most and patents can help deliver the competitive edge required to remain viable. Inventors who used to see patents solely as part of their defensive strategy (and to alleviate any future litigation risks) to prevent competitors encroach their space are looking to be more aggressive with their inventions to make patents part of their offensive and licensing strategy. To ensure the financial security of the patents, some companies are embedding their IP programs as part of their Knowledge Management and Risk Management initiatives where they capture know-how, harvest IP and ingrain IP into their product development lifecycles.

Patents will continue to grow in their contribution as a key corporate asset. Since much value is associated with patents, the industry need better tools to assess and to understand the valuation and the strength of the patent portfolios. This paper will introduce the methodology of Patent Portfolio Quotient™ (PPQ) to measure performance of your patent program and portfolio that enables a Return on Investment (ROI) driven approach. PPQ measures the quality of the patent portfolio and the patent program with clear policies and procedures as it relates to the lifecycle of patents within an organization from innovation to licensing or sale. We will review the importance of patents as a tool for competitiveness and their value to a corporation. Next, we will address - why a patent program should be integrated with product development lifecycle to extract the maximum value from their intellectual property assets. Finally, the paper will introduce the basics of PPQ and discuss what inventors and companies can do to increase their PPQ.

For rest of the paper, please download the PDF (22 pages, 1MB)

Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Patents as a tool for Competitiveness 4
Analyzing Patent Portfolio Quotient or PPQ 12
Patent Program Strategy 15
Integration of IP Strategy with Product Development 17
Recommendations and Conclusions 19

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Chetan Sharma

Chetan is one of the leading strategists on IP matters in the wireless industry. He has advised clients with some of the biggest patent portfolios in the world and worked with players across the wireless value chain. He has been retained as an expert witness and consultant for some of the most prominent legal matters in the industry and in front of the International Trade Commission (ITC) in cases such as Samsung vs. Ericsson and Qualcomm vs. Broadcom (with interveners Verizon Wireless, Motorola, Sprint Nextel, Kyocera, Samsung, and LG).

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