Open Mobile Summit Next Week

Open Mobile Summit Next Week


Am looking forward to the Open Mobile Summit next week in San Francisco. Will be moderating two panels, one each day. The overall lineup of speakers is stellar and it should generate some really good discussion. If you plan on going but haven’t done the registration yet, let me know and I can pass on the discount.


Panel: What open means to apps providers

This panel takes the application / service developer perspective and asks:

  • What are the merits of the different ‘open’ platforms?
  • How do you deal with fragmentation and how do you choose between platforms?
  • How to make apps into a real business: Addressing pricing and discovery
  • Defining open, what would we like to see opened up that is not already available?

Panel: Apps in the cloud

  • Is a write once, run anywhere environment possible for mobile?
  • Roadmap for browser technology: How – and when – HTML 5 will change the game
  • What’s the place for native apps in a cloud-centric world?
  • Opening the floodgates to innovation: Web developers go mobile
  • Who in the ecosystem benefits with “apps in the cloud”
  • Does the business model change? And what new technical and business opportunities are created?