On to Vienna

On to Vienna

Comverse is hosting a two day event in Vienna next week. Many of the European operators will be there so am really looking forward to it. My keynote presentation will cover key factors for making Mobile Advertising successful. Turkey has a unique business model for Mobile Advertising so looking forward to the Turkcell presentation and many others ..

Keynote Presentation: Introduction to Mobile Advertising

Chetan Sharma, author of Mobile Advertising: Supercharge Your Brand in the Exploding Wireless Market

There is plenty of buzz around mobile advertising. Despite the excitement, there are significant obstacles to overcome before the medium can be truly meaningful. How do you take the next step in transforming the buzz into real, long-term sustainable business? What’s unique about the mobile and what’s the best way to leverage its strength? What are the key success parameters? What have some of the leading success stories been? How do operators plan to exploit this new medium? Where is the industry headed and what’s the future of mobile advertising? We address these and other questions in this presentation. 

If any of the readers are also attending, would love to meet.