New Book: Connected Intelligence – Brain of the Global Economy

New Book: Connected Intelligence – Brain of the Global Economy

We are pleased to announce that our Mobile Future Forward Book for 2016 will be published and become available exclusively to Mobile Future Forward participants on Sept 27th. As is the tradition, the book has some brilliant essays from our speakers – the thought leaders and mobile industry senior executives, on trends, opportunities, innovations, and user experiences. More importantly, these thought-pieces highlight how some of the leading companies are gearing themselves to execute in the Connected Intelligence Era. The book provides a perfect platform for our day long brainstorm about what the next 5 years in mobile will look like. We have extraordinary speakers and am really looking forward to the discussions throughout the day.




1. 4th Wave Index: Benchmarking the Growth and Evolution of the Mobile Ecosystem – Chetan Sharma, CEO, Chetan Sharma Consulting

2. The NOW Economy Demands Communications-Enabled, Cloud-Optimized Solutions – Doug Suriano, SVP, Oracle Communications

3. One-on-one with Glenn Lurie, President & CEO, AT&T Mobility

4. 5G Economics: An Economics based Analysis of the Future of Wireless Networks – Chetan Sharma, CEO, Chetan Sharma Consulting

5. Why your gas turbine shouldn’t be allowed to check Facebook or how to secure your industrial IoT network – Paul Brody, Partner, EY

6. Voice Artificial Intelligence – The Next-Gen Interface for the IoT – Mike Kennewick, CEO and Philip Cohen, Chief Scientist, VoiceBox Technologies

7. Repurposing Mobile Phones is a Valuable Proposition for Everyone – Biju Nair, CEO, Hyla Mobile

8. Redefining Privacy using Artificial Intelligence, Sarla Sharma, COO, Chetan Sharma Consulting

9. AI in your pocket, Anthony Bartolo, President of Mobility and Collaboration Services, Tata Communications

10. VR Perspectives, Bubba Murarka, Partner, DFJ; Forest Gibson, CEO, PlutoVR; Todd Hooper, CEO, VReal

11. Mobile Patents Landscape: An In-depth Quantitative Analysis – Chetan Sharma, CEO, Chetan Sharma Consulting


The goal of the Mobile Future Forward Summit is to explore the future of the mobile industry, to create new connections, to openly discuss and debate new ideas. By bringing together a really diverse group of individual leaders – both speakers and audience, we are able to create an environment for constructive dialogue that will hopefully help in formulating your own strategies and product plans.

Thanks to all the authors and their respective organizations for making this year’s book possible.

Chetan Sharma

CEO, Chetan Sharma Consulting