My interview with Padmasree Warrior, CTO Motorola

My interview with Padmasree Warrior, CTO Motorola

Padmasree Warrior is perhaps the most recognizable name at Motorola after Ed Zander. She is EVP and CTO at Motorola and fellow IIT alum. I interviewed her for the upcoming issue of PiTech Magazine. It will be released next month at IIT Alumni 2007 Global Conference in Santa Clara.


If you were advising entrepreneurs, which problems would you advise them to tackle? Where is the most innovation needed? What are some of the problems that our industry hasn’t solved? What’s holding us back?

There are many problems to be solved, some are technological and others regulatory. I will answer this question more from a technological perspective. My advice to entrepreneurs is to focus on value added applications for the mobile platform that has many constraints such as battery life, screen size etc. Just forcing the internet designed for a PC onto the mobile device will not work. We need to think about innovation in areas of internet mobility, content mobility and broadband mobility. Areas of particular challenge are power management and battery life. Another exciting opportunity is to think about how this device may be used, when Wireless Broadband becomes a reality with WiMax. I don’t think anything is holding us back. I am an optimist – I believe the human mind can solve most problems. The scale of the mobile revolution is so massive that innovation will occur at many levels both in developed and emerging markets simultaneously.

My thanks to Sandeep Sinha who made the interview possible.