Monetizing AI at the Edge of your 5G Network

Monetizing AI at the Edge of your 5G Network

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As I have written before, 5G will be defined by the 4th Wave. AI and Edge are two new tools to help monetize the 5G investments. How should telcos think about EdgeAI in context of their 5G strategy. We are really excited to partner with NVIDIA, a pioneer in the space to go deeper into how these different worlds and industries are coming together and how the wireless industry can take advantage of these trends. Join us for an in-depth analysis of the opportunities and the road ahead.

Monetizing AI at the Edge of your 5G Network

Date: Thursday, July 9, 2020

Time: 8:00-9:00am PT

The next generation is almost here. Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the high-value revenue-generating services that telcos can deliver for their enterprise customers at the edge across super-fast 5G networks—with billions of things already connected, from cameras to cities and robots to retail hangers. Benefit from Chetan Sharma Consulting’s wireless industry experience, hear how NVIDIA’s AI expertise is transforming industries, and get inspired by telco industry leaders who are actively leveraging the data from devices, edge networks, and data centers to create new business-to-business opportunities with AI.

By attending this webinar you’ll learn:

  1. How 5G, AI, and Edge unlock a new revenue roadmap for telcos.
  2. How computer vision is transforming use cases like Surveillance, Safety, Cities, Retail, and Manufacturing.
  3. How augmented and virtual reality are becoming 5G “killer applications” and driving new applications for enterprises.

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