Mobile Advertising

Supercharge Your Brand In The Exploding Wireless Market


Chetan Sharma, Joe Herzog, and Victor Melfi


John Wiley & Sons (2008)


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From the book jacket

There’s plenty of buzz surrounding mobile advertising. The next step is transforming that buzz into real business. Mobile Advertising helps do that by covering the conceptual, analytical, and practical applications of mobile advertising, giving marketers, service providers, and investors in-depth guidance on tapping the full potential of mobile advertising.

Despite the excitement about mobile advertising, there are significant obstacles to overcome before the medium can become truly meaningful. Here, you’ll find a detailed and honest analysis of the hurdles that remain, as well as perspectives on managing and solving them. The authors address direct response promotions and advertisements; search advertising and its pricing and auction derivatives; and brand-based campaigning. While there’s work to be done, the authors remain bullish on the opportunity.

Other topics include:

  • Development and history of mobile advertising

  • Effects of the Internet and consumer control

  • Metrics and measurements for advertising success

  • Complexities, structural deficiencies, and barriers

  • Business models for successful implementation

  • Case studies covering current practice around the world

  • Technology problems and practical solutions

  • The consumer experience and the future of mobile advertising

  • Key insights from top executives in mobile advertising

The first comprehensive guide to this nascent industry, Mobile Advertising is perfect for anyone on the technical or marketing side of the mobile advertising equation. Drawing on years of experience from three industry veterans, key insights from top movers and shakers, and detailed case studies from around the world, this is an ideal resource for getting the most out of mobile advertising.


Copyright, 2008. Mobile Advertising. John Wiley & Sons.



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