Mobile Sales: Picking up devices for your sales team




Ask any sales guy. When the paycheck relies on commissions, you look for even the slightest edge you can get over your competition. To get ahead in customer service and closing deals, more and more companies are looking towards mobility to make their workforce efficient and productive. Whether it is pulling out your latest wireless gadget to wow your customer or completing the sale before you leave customer premises, wireless devices are becoming an integral part of the sales process. Mobile Sales applications support sales professionals who frequently work outside of their connected office environments, empowering them with an intuitive mobile technology that enables:

-         Improved sales force effectiveness.

-         Increased efficiency and faster information exchange.

-         Increased customer satisfaction.

-         Increased employee satisfaction.

With just a few simple clicks, users can create and update sales orders, leveraging the most current product and price list information, and ensure the orders are submitted to the correct internal personnel. For management, who keenly watch which areas or personnel are behind the forecast, the mobile sales solutions helps keep a real-time pulse on their business by giving them up to the minute forecast of sales, issues, and accounts. They can run reports on the collected data to further strategize on weaknesses and key problem areas, thus giving them a 360 degree view of their sales operations.

Once you have decided that you need to arm your sales team with wireless access to critical sales information, one of the important decisions you will face is during device selection. There are literally hundreds of options and depending on your requirements both business and technical, you will have several choices. In this article, we will look at four different mobile devices which vary in shape, size and functionality, and discuss how they can be used in the field.

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