Mobile Video numbers from Telephia

Mobile Video numbers from Telephia

Telephia released some interesting data for mobile video as well as mobile video ads.

Their latest research from the Mobile Video Report, showed that mobile TV/video subscription revenues grew 198% year-over-year to $146 million in Q1 2007. There are roughly 8.4 million mobile video subscribers, representing nearly 4 percent of the mobile population. In addition, mobile video consumers seemed primed for advertising, with nearly half saying that they are willing to view ads on their phones in exchange for something.

“Within a very short time, the number of mobile video subscribers has grown to over 8 million, comparable with the average audience size for an episode of The Sopranos this season,” said Kanishka Agarwal, vice president of mobile media, Telephia.

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Now the ad numbers

Table 2: Mobile Data Consumer Recall Rates for Ads Viewed (U.S)

Consumer Type               Recalled Viewing an Ad

All Data Users                                    21%

Mobile Video Users                    55%

Downloaded Application Users             43%

Mobile Internet Users                          34%

Mobile Game Users                             31%

Mobile Audio Users                             26%

MMS Users                                          24%

SMS Users                                           20%

Source: Telephia Mobile Advertising Report, Survey Analysis, Q1 2007

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