Mobile Search

Mobile Search

MMA released their findings from a research study on Mobile Search

The study’s key findings include:

Mobile search is in its early stages of adoption, but there is significant upside potential. Thirty-one percent of respondents used mobile search for the first time in the past month. Current users conducted an average of nine searches in the past month.

Cell phone owners who aren’t aware of mobile search recognize its benefits after they’re introduced to the technology. Half of non-users were interested in trying mobile search over the next few months. Forty-eight percent of non-users expect to start using mobile search at least once per week.

Approximately 41% of all respondents indicate that sponsored links would not have an impact on their use of mobile search.

Current mobile search users represent several attractive market segments for advertisers. Respondents with an annual household income of $50,000-$75,000 conduct an average of almost 16 searches per month, the most of any demographic segment. Consumers age 45-54, college grads and people with children at home all reported using search more than 11 times per month.

Sixty-nine percent of respondents prefer advertisements that are related to local products and services.

The ability to search by voice was the top-rated feature. Thirty-seven percent of current mobile search users would be “a lot more likely” to use mobile search if voice control were added.