Mobile Predictions Survey 2011 – Participate to Win the MFF Book

Mobile Predictions Survey 2011 – Participate to Win the MFF Book

Well, it’s that time of the year. We are doing our annual mobile predictions survey for 2011. Instead of pontificating on what’s to come, we rely on our community to help guide the discussion. So, here it is


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As an incentive, we are giving away 10 print copies of our popular and limited edition Mobile Future Forward book that contains essays from 17 mobile execs on the future of mobile

The 20 questions are:

  1. What will be the biggest stories of 2010?
  2. When will Verizon iPhone launch?
  3. Who will be the most open player in the mobile ecosystem in 2011?
  4. Will Android tablet sales exceed iOS tablet sales in 2011?
  5. Who will make the biggest mobile acquisition in 2011?
  6. How will the "Apps vs. Mobile Web" debate shape up in 2011?
  7. By how much will the mobile advertising ad-spend increase in 2011?
  8. Which market will be the biggest infrastructure market in 2011 in terms of sales opportunity?
  9. Who will be the mobile comeback story of 2011?
  10. Who will end up having the strongest position in the mobile payment/commerce space?
  11. Which areas will feel the most impact from Regulators in 2011?
  12. Which solutions will gain the most traction for managing mobile data broadband consumption?
  13. Which category will generate the most mobile data revenue in 2011?
  14. What will help mobile cloud computing gain traction in 2011?
  15. What will be the most successful non-mobile-phone category in 2010?
  16. What will be the breakthrough category in mobile in 2011?
  17. By the end of 2011, how will we end up defining 4G?
  18. Which enterprise segment will mobile impact the most?
  19. What will be the dominant revenue model for apps in 2011?
  20. What mode of mobile payments will get any traction in North America and Western Europe in 2011?
  21. Bonus Question: Despite conventional wisdom, what will not happen in 2011?

So, have at it and help us out. Finish the survey before 24th Dec. Wish you and yours the best and hope to see you again sometime in 2011.

Results will be announced first week of Jan 2011.