Mobile Future Forward


Mobile Future Forward is a gathering of some of the most influential minds in the mobile industry who are helping shape the industry. The experts and visionaries from around the globeĀ gather in Seattle each fall to explore the mobile industry 2-5 years forward, envision what the user experiences and use cases look like, discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities in the journey to that vision.

We will be covering the following topics in detail:

  • Emerging Devices

  • Internet of Things

  • Network Evolution

  • Content, Media, and Entertainment

  • New sources of Revenue and Business Models

  • Evolution of Communication and Interaction

  • Mobile Cloud Computing

  • Globalization and Competition

  • Mobile Anthropology

  • Mobile as a platform

  • The economics and politics of consumer data and privacy

  • Nurturing Developer Ecosystems

  • Shifts in the Ecosystem

  • Mobile Health and Implications

  • Mobile Retail

  • Japanese Mobile Industry

  • Innovations at each level of the value chain

  • Mobile Social and Commerce

  • Managing network growth

I hope to see you there.

Chetan Sharma

Chief Curator

Mobile Future Forward

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