Mobile Future Forward – Trends & Perspectives

Mobile Future Forward – Trends & Perspectives

So, what are the trends that really matter over the course of this decade. Here are some thoughts:

  1. Mobile ecosystem is getting complex
  2. Network evolution: more capacity, more bandwidth, tremendous usage
  3. New sources of revenue: mobile advertising, commerce, and services
  4. Evolution of content, media, entertainment, and commerce
  5. Evolution of communication
  6. Always on Real-Time Access – mobile cloud computing & instant access to anything
  7. Internet of things: mobile device as a remote of our lives
  8. The world is flat – globalization and competition
  9. Mobile as a platform – let a thousand industries bloom
  10. New Experiences – display, interaction and commerce
  11. Reallocation of revenues – winners and losers are decided in reallocation
  12. Battle for the analytical mind – data, context and intelligence drives everything
  13. Shifts in ecosystem – the ups and downs, and shifts of revenue sand dunes
  14. Nurturing ecosystems – aggregating the developers and partners
  15. Managing the network – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

We discuss these in pictures in our Mobile Future Forward whitepaper.

Mobile Future Forward Paper