Mobile Future Forward – Prelim Agenda Announced

Mobile Future Forward – Prelim Agenda Announced

We have been hard at work this summer to put together a stellar agenda for our upcoming mobile thought-leadership summit in Seattle on Sept 12th.

Again, thanks to our wonderful partners – Qualcomm, AT&T Interactive, OpenMarket, Ericsson, Openwave, Synchronoss Technologies, Real Networks, Millennial Media for making the summit possible.

Below is the prelim agenda. Super Saver expires July 22nd.

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Sept 11th 2011
Speakers Dinner

6:00 – 8:00 pm

Sept 12th 2011
Registration Opens. Breakfast and Networking


8:15 am
Introduction and Welcome – Chetan Sharma, President, Chetan Sharma Consulting
Mobile Future Forward: Connected Universe. Unlimited Opportunities.
The DNA (Devices, Network, and Applications) of the mobile ecosystem is changing. What opportunities will emerge during the course of this decade? Where are the new billion dollar markets? We will explore these questions and more throughout the day with the influential minds who are shaping the mobile industry.

8:30 am
Keynote – Steve Mollenkopf, EVP and Group President, Qualcomm

9:00 am
Disruption is in the Air

Disruption is the fundamental tenet of progress. Whether it is the technologies, the business models, the players or the alliances, disruptive forces are essential in making things better for the consumer and the larger ecosystem. Is 4G a game change? What does the wholesale business model do to the data economics? Is the halving of the device lifecycle good or bad? Who manages the customer and where does the value shift? Meet the two leaders who are working to disrupt the mobile industry.

Sanjiv Ahuja, CEO, LightSquared

Jason MacKenzie, President, HTC Americas

9:30 am
Design, User Experience and Consumer Behavior

The number of connected devices per user is increasing very quickly. Some users have 10-20 connected screens in the household and the number is only going to increase. How does product and service design leverage this phenomenon? How do monetization strategies change? What are user experience and pricing expectations? How does the value shift between the players? How do developers take advantage of n-screens? The panel will deal with the realities of playing in the n-screen world and debate how to make the most of it.

John SanGiovanni, Cofounder and VP – Product Design, Zumobi (moderator)

Prof. Cliff Nass, Human Computer Interface, Stanford University

Mark Rolston, Chief Creative Officer, Frog Design

Cliff Kushler, CTO and Cofounder, Swype

10:15 am
Playing in the N-Screen Media World

The number of connected devices per user is steadily increasing. Some users have 10-20 connected screens in the household and the number is only going to increase. How does product and service design leverage this phenomenon? How do monetization strategies change? What are user experience and pricing expectations? How does the value shift between the players? How do developers take advantage of n-screens? The panel will deal with the realities of playing in the n-screen world and debate how to make the most of it.

Paul Palmieri, CEO and Cofounder, Millennial Media

Charlie Herrin, EVP – Technology and Products, Comcast

Jeremiah Zinn, EVP – Digital Products,  MTV Networks

Eric Anderson, VP – Content and Product Solutions, Samsung

Frank Barbieri, SVP – Emerging Platforms, YuMe (moderator)

11:00 am

11:15 am

12 – 1:30 pm


Demonstrations – Visions of the Future

Meet the entrepreneurs who are working on technologies that are going to impact the mobile ecosystem and consumers in profound ways. A fascinating dive into the world of biometrics, display, advertising, retail, sports, and consumer electronics.

1:30 pm

Monetizing the Mobile Network

Traditionally, there has been a direct correlation between the mobile network usage and revenue/profits. However, the significant mobile data consumption, lack of adequate spectrum, ecosystem disruption by the Internet players, and the changing of the consumer expectations have provided the opportunity for operators to rethink how they look at their network from a technology perspective but more importantly from a monetization angle. How will operator grow their revenue base beyond measuring the bits and bytes? What network assets can create long-term sustainable revenues and value? Does the role of the operator morph over time? How does the landscape different in different regions of the world? Do operator CTO and CMO look at the network differently? This expert panel will delve into the “future of network monetization.”

Ken Denman, CEO, Openwave (moderator)

Kris Rinne, SVP – Network and Architecture, AT&T Mobility

Janet Schijns, VP – Business Solutions Group, Verizon Wireless

Mathew Oommen, President, Reliance Industries

Mobile Enterprise and the CIO Prism

Mobile is influencing corporate IT in multiple ways – devices, software, security, collaboration, cloud, and investments. How is mobile enabling the enterprise of tomorrow? How are the various verticals adapting to the confluence of broadband network, tablets and smartphones, cloud, and enterprise software. How is the economics of supporting a mobile worker changing? How does mobile virtualization and BYOD impact the enterprise? How are enterprises using mobile to engage with their customers, shrink supply-chains, and drive more efficiency out of their enterprise dollars. We will look at the evolving mobile landscape through the CIO prism. This panel of enterprise veterans will delve into the significant problems they are solving and how they see mobile evolving in the enterprise?

Suja Chandrashekaran, CIO, Timberland

Abhi Ingle, VP – Advanced Business Solutions, AT&T Wireless

Jerry Batt, CIO, PulteGroup

Subba Rao, CEO, Razi Healthcare

2:30 pm

Mobile Commerce & Payments

Mobile is fundamentally reshaping how consumers spend. Mobile not only influences purchase behavior but also all moments of truth. Mobile is thus helping close the nirvana gap for brands and advertisers who seek to connect advertising to actual transactions. All ecommerce will eventually be mobile. How are the various players preparing for the new world of mobile commerce and payments? NFC has been around for some time but will it really help in moving the money around? Will the killer NFC application be commerce, payments, advertising, loyalty programs, or something else? How do the mobile technologies influence the instore experience? The panel will chaff through the hype and noise in the segment to discuss where the value is, who benefits, who wins, and how long before mobile becomes central to the multi-trillion dollar global spend?

David Messenger, EVP and Head of Online/Mobile, American Express Company

Gibu Thomas, EVP – Online/Mobile, WalMart

Dale Nitschke, former President, Target

Mobile Big Data: The Next Frontier for Innovation, Competition, and Opportunities

Data is everywhere. Mobile Cloud is Booming. Data is driving Knowledge. Having the best knowledge about the user to help drive transaction is simply the most valuable currency of commerce. With so much data being generated, how do we efficiently sift through it and make sense to enable engagement and commerce in a fraction of a millisecond? What is data teaching us about the consumer behavior, future product design, and the competitive landscape?  What are the implications for consumer privacy and data security? What new opportunities emerge due to mobile big data? Who will own the user context and how will the knowledge translate into transactions? How do the app developers leverage big data? Our expert panel of engineers and executives will delve into what will be a key trend for this decade.

Braxton Woodham, Head of Engineering, AVOS

Joe Megibow, VP and GM – Mobile and Analytics, Expedia

Hank Skorny, Chief Strategy Officer, Real Networks

Jay Emmett, GM, OpenMarket, SVP, Amdocs

Ramneek Bhasin, GM and VP, TheFind

3:30 pm

4:00 pm

At the Intersection of Mobile, Social, Location, and Gaming

The worlds of mobile, social, location, and gaming are colliding to create enormous opportunities that impact devices, software, applications, services, cloud, interface design, and consumer expectations. How are entrepreneurs taking advantage of the social and interest graphs, open APIs, fast networks and processors, and different input modalities? Meet the innovators who are creating tremendous value and are at the epicenter of this evolving trend.

Will Hsu, Chief Product Officer, AT&T Interactive

Amit Gupta, SVP and CTO, INQMobile

Tim Chang, Partner, NVP (moderator)

Rob Glaser, Chairman, Real Networks

Designing the Mobile Infrastructure for the Next Decade

Mobile Data demand is doubling every year. For many operators more than 75% of their sales is smartphones. The connected devices segment is growing at a 55% Y/Y rate. With seaming insatiable demand, what are infrastructure leaders doing to help out the operators over the next 10 years. What technologies and products are on the horizon to solve some fundamental data network issues? How far do heterogeneous networks, self-organizing networks, offloading, and all-IP infrastructure elements take us? Sprint’s CTO will put the industry problems (and opportunities) in front of the vendors to figure out how we are going to cope with the mobile data tsunami.

Stephen Bye, CTO, Sprint (moderator)

Ken Wirth, President – End-to-End Network Solutions, Alcatel-Lucent

Mike Mulica, President, Synchronoss Technologies

Manoj Leelanivas, EVP and GM Business Group, Juniper Networks

Mikael Back, VP – Product and Portfolio Management, Ericsson

Erik Moreno, SVP – Corporate Development, FOX Networks Group

5:00 pm

Connected Universe. Unlimited Opportunities.

The connected devices segment is the fastest growing category of the market and is also the most profitable due to higher margins. Connected devices are impacting a rethink in virtually all key verticals – healthcare, housing, travel, entertainment, communication, energy, and others. It is also disrupting the traditional value chains and revenue models. Which segments are yielding the highest ROI? Does computing fundamentally change forever or are connected devices just a part of the PC hub? How does M2M fit into the world of smartphones and tablets? How are businesses and solution providers taking advantage of the growing connected universe? What’s most important for the consumer and what are their expectations on design, pricing, and connectivity? From connected cars to wireless pill bottles, our world is going to change forever. Meet the leaders who are shaping the growing connected devices ecosystem to get insights that will inform your strategy and decide your future revenue streams.

Glenn Lurie, President – Emerging Devices, Resale  & Partnerships , AT&T Mobility

Danny Bowman, President – Connected Devices, Sprint

6:00 – 8:00 pm
Adjourn, Reception, and Networking

Agenda subject to change.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the event.