Mobile Future Forward Panel -SoLoGaMo

Mobile Future Forward Panel -SoLoGaMo

At the Intersection of Social, Location, Gaming, and Monetization

The worlds of social, location, gaming, and commerce are colliding to create enormous opportunities that impact devices, software, applications, services, cloud, interface design, advertising, monetization, and consumer expectations. How are entrepreneurs taking advantage of the social and interest graphs, open APIs, fast networks and processors, and different input modalities? Meet the innovators who are creating tremendous value and are at the epicenter of this evolving trend.

Will Hsu, Chief Product Officer, AT&T Interactive

Naoki Aoyagi, CEO, GREE USA

Bob Borchers, Partner, Opus Capital (moderator)

Rob Glaser, Chairman, Real Networks

Wibe Wagemans, Head of Advertising and Analytics, Rovio (Angry Birds)

Jana Messerschmidt, Sr. Director, Twitter