Mobile Future Forward: Oracle, T-Mobile join the Summit Roster

Mobile Future Forward: Oracle, T-Mobile join the Summit Roster

“Mobile Future Forward is one of the best and most important conferences on mobile, covering all types of key issues and opportunities in mobility, which clearly is driving the next major technology boom around the world”

– Time Magazine


Mobile Future Forward is where disruptors come to brainstorm. Each speaker, Each participant brings their unique valuable insight and experience to the table to help discuss the trajectories of the future. We are well on our way to formulate a global trillion-node network, a future of complexity and promise. As the multi-dimensional computational fabric of the society builds itself, the future is ripe with opportunities and growth.

Different pieces of the puzzle are coming together to amalgamate Exponential Ecosystems (theme of this year’s summit). The Connected Intelligence era raises a new set of questions, answers to which will help shape the revenue trajectories of the future. Exponential Ecosystems start from the edges wherein these ecosystems collide and collaborate to give birth to something new and unexpected. At Mobile Future Forward, we will explore these Connected Intelligence interactions and intersections of eE to help us understand the opportunities and challenges in front of us.

As always, we endeavor to bring together the pioneers and leaders of the industry together.

Oracle is one of the very few companies that touch almost every major corporation in the world. Its position across the ecosystem stack helps shape the enterprise and consumer experiences of tomorrow. We are very pleased to have Thomas Kurian, President of Product Development, Oracle join us to discuss the future of the enterprise. As an executive who reports directly to the chairman of the board, Larry Ellison, his work shapes the global ecosystem. You wouldn’t want to miss his keynote session.

T-Mobile’s role in shaping the US mobile market is well understood. In fact, it has shaped the competitive trajectory of several nations. None of the disruption would have been possible without the pioneering work of Neville Ray, CTO, T-Mobile and his team. Not one to sit on his laurels, Neville is pushing ahead by charting the course for T-Mobile’s 5G strategy and shaping the industry yet again. You will leave inspired by the possibilities.

Hope you will join us on Oct 4th.

More to come. Stay Tuned.

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