Mobile Future Forward – Mobile Commerce and Payments

Mobile Future Forward – Mobile Commerce and Payments

Mobile Commerce is on top of minds of many executives so have assembled a stellar panel to discuss the future of commerce, payments, retail, consumer behavior – it is going to be terrific

Mobile Commerce & Payments

Mobile is fundamentally reshaping how consumers spend. Mobile not only influences purchase behavior but also all moments of truth. Mobile is thus helping close the nirvana gap for brands and advertisers who seek to connect advertising to actual transactions. All ecommerce will eventually be mobile. How are the various players preparing for the new world of mobile commerce and payments? NFC has been around for some time but will it really help in moving the money around? Will the killer NFC application be commerce, payments, advertising, loyalty programs, or something else? How do the mobile technologies influence the instore experience? The panel will chaff through the hype and noise in the segment to discuss where the value is, who benefits, who wins, and how long before mobile becomes central to the multi-trillion dollar global spend?

David Messenger, EVP and Head of Online/Mobile, American Express Company

Gibu Thomas, SVP – Mobile/Online, WalMart

Dale Nitschke, former President, Target

Peter Ewens, Chief Strategy Officer, T-Mobile US

Jay Emmet, GM, OpenMarket, SVP, Amdocs

Bob Egan, Managing Partner, MGI Research (moderator)