Mobile Future Forward: Final Agenda. Last Call – Registration closes this week

Mobile Future Forward: Final Agenda. Last Call – Registration closes this week

My fellow mobilists,

Never a dull moment in the industry, is there? Mobile Future Forward is less than a week away and we will be discussing all the twists and turns of the past few days + much more. Speakers are prepared, moderators have their pencils sharpened, and everyone is doing their homework. Time magazine did a nice preview of what you can expect to see and hear at the summit next week.

Registration. Last few seats left. Registration closes this week.

Updated Agenda Below


Introduction – The Golden Age of Mobile

Chetan Sharma, President, Chetan Sharma Consulting


Keynote Fireside – The Shift towards Services

Ralph de la Vega, President and CEO, AT&T Mobility

Chetan Sharma, President, Chetan Sharma Consulting (moderator)


Fireside – Retail and Commerce

Marianne Marck, SVP – Consumer Facing Technology, Starbucks

Stephen David, Former CIO P&G

Dave Sprosty, CEO, The Sprosty Network (moderator)


Fireside – Rule of 3

Steve Elfman, President – Network Operations and Wholesale, Sprint

Thom Gruhler, CMO – OS, Microsoft

Hank Skorny, VP/GM – Software Services Group, Intel (moderator)


Fireside – Future of Devices, Computing and Consumer Services

Kevin Packingham, Chief Product Officer, Samsung

Yung Kim, President and Chief Strategy Officer, Korea Telecom

Nick Wingfield, Technology Reporter, NY Times (moderator)


Operators and 4th Wave

Glenn Lurie, President, AT&T

Fay Arjomandi, Global Lead, Vodafone Xone

Tracy Isacke, Director of Investments, Telefonica Digital

David Small, Chief Platform Officer, Verizon

Julie Woods-Moss, CEO – NextGen Business, CMO, Tata Communications

Chetan Sharma, President, Chetan Sharma Consulting (moderator)          

Health and Wellness

Raj Toleti, CTO, PatientPoint

Ed Cantwell, Executive Director, Center for Medical Interoperability

Jef Holove, CEO, Basis

Cameron Coursey, VP – Products, AT&T

Karim Marrouche, Cofounder and CEO, Cardiac Designs

Russell Benaroya, CEO, Everymove (moderator)


Building Blocks of the 4th wave

Tom Nagel, SVP and GM – Wireless Services, Comcast Communications

Vince Spinelli, Managing Director, Mobility Solutions Group, Juniper Networks

Chris Koopmans, VP and GM – Service Provider Platforms – Cloud Networking , Citrix

Doug Suriano, VP – Products, Oracle Communications

Jamie Finn, VP – Strategic Initiatives, Telefonica Digital

Geoff Hollingworth, Ericsson Head of AT&T Foundry Initiative, Ericsson (moderator)

Travel and Tourism

Drew Patterson, CEO, Room77

Joost Schreve, VP – Mobile, Tripadvisor

Curtis Kopf, VP, Alaska Airlines

Sam Shank, CEO, Hotels Tonight

Jeff Warren, VP – Mobile Expedia (moderator)


Media and Entertainment

Andrew Stalbow, Former EVP, Rovio

Manish Jha, GM – Mobile, NFL

Danny Bowman, Chief Sales Officer, Samsung

Michael Fisher, Director, Twitter

Ujjal Kohli, CEO, Rhythm New Media (moderator)

Man, Machine, and Data

Matt Carter, President, Sprint

Biju Nair, Chief Strategy Officer, Synchronoss

Rowland Shaw, VP – Strategy, Ericsson

Michael Castleman, President – KCD Brands, Sears Holdings

Joe DiFonzo, CTO, Syniverse

Rod Randall, Partner, Siris Capital (moderator)


Solving the biggest problems in computing/communications

Dr. Henning Schulzrinne, CTO, FCC

Dr. Avideh Zakhor, Professor EECE, UC Berkeley

Mark Anderson, CEO, SNS

Ariel Garton, CEO, InterXon

Jason Hoffman, CEO, Joyent

Wim Sweldens, Former President, Alcatel-Lucent Wireless (moderator)

6-8pm – Reception

Agenda subject to change