Mobile Future Forward: Enterprise Mobility: IBM

Mobile Future Forward: Enterprise Mobility: IBM

Last week Apple and IBM announced their historic Enterprise Mobility deal. Microsoft in a series of memos and presentations this month declared that it is essentially betting the company on redefining productivity. In one of the hottest mobile segments – IoT – Enterprises are the ones who are driving the most revenue and tangible value. Enterprise mobility is getting redefined in so many respects – from the use of sensors to drive tactical decisions, from securing a global and mobile workforce, from creating collaborative moments of productivity, from putting true “analysis” and “data” at the fingertips of managers and field engineers, that it will see a complete transformation of what the world thinks of enterprise mobility. We saw some of these trends coming in our work with AT&T last year.

The Apple/IBM deal can have a significant impact on how enterprises use devices and think of applications. We are fortunate to have Paul Brody, VP and Mobile Practice Leader at IBM, one of the leaders who was behind this deal from day 1, to talk about how enterprises worldwide are thinking about mobility, workflows, operations, ROI, and business models. Paul has a deep global understanding of the enterprise challenges and has the experience of coming up with solutions. He joins a stellar cast of leaders to discuss the present and the future of enterprise mobility.

Rethinking Enterprise Mobility

· Tim Campos, CIO, Facebook

· Steve Mills, CIO, Motorola Mobility

· Dave Webb, CIO, Equifax

· Paul Brody, VP/Mobile Practice Leader, IBM

· Mark Fernandez, Managing Partner, Sierra Ventures (moderator)

We at Chetan Sharma Consulting are deeply involved in these changes and use our global mobile executive brainstorm forum to kick-off another year of ideas, networking, and industry collaboration. Our work on the 4th wave has shaped strategies of players around the world and we continue to strive to bring you the best of “global mobile thinking” at Mobile Future Forward.

When: Sept 24th in Seattle.

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We are excited to partner with the industry leaders and thank them for their ongoing support: Ericsson, Intel, Oracle, Qualcomm, Synchronoss, and Tata Communications.

Some of the confirmed industry leaders are:

· Dan Hesse, CEO, Sprint

· Bill Ruh, VP, GE

· Tim Campos, CIO, Facebook

· Erik Moreno, SVP, Fox Networks

· Glenn Lurie, President, AT&T

· Steve Mills, CIO, Motorola Mobility

· Hank Skorny, VP/GM, Intel

· Dr. John Saw, CNO, Sprint

· JD Howard, VP/GM, Lenovo

· Dave Webb, CIO, Equifax

· Dr. Hassan Ahmed, CEO, Affirmed Networks

· Mark Fernandez, Managing Partner, Sierra Ventures

· Ujjal Kohli, Founder, Rhythm NewMedia

· Vik Kathuria, Global Chief Media Officer, Razorfish

· Erin Kienast, SVP, Starcom Worldwide

· Josh Will, Senior Category Manager, Best Buy

· Steve Elfman, President, Sprint

· Jason Hoffman, VP, Ericsson

· Matt Grob, EVP/CTO, Qualcomm

· Julie Woods-Moss, CMO, CEO of Nextgen Business, Tata Communications

· David Richter, VP, Uber

· Paul Brody, VP & Mobile Practice Leader, IBM

.. more to come

We will be announcing new speakers and partners through the course of the summer and look forward to seeing you in September.