Mobile Future Forward – Are You Ready?

Mobile Future Forward – Are You Ready?

My fellow mobilists,

Did you know we just crossed the 10 billion connected devices mark (devices that can connect to the Internet directly). Do you know how much time do SMB workers save using mobile solutions? Do you know when will mCommerce > eCommerce? Do you know what comes after LTE and how are operators planning their networks to deal with the data and signaling traffic growth? Is there life beyond iOS and Android? Do you know when will tablet revenue exceed notebook revenue? How are multiple screens in the household changing consumer behavior? Do you know how are we going to get to the 50 Billion connections by 2020? Do you know what will be the key technology and business inflexion points this mobile decade? Do you know how to turn data science into big data profits? Do you know who will dominate the 4th curve of mobile? How are developers going to make money? What’s the future of computing?

On Sept 10th, at Mobile Future Forward, we will be answering these and many more tough and thought-provoking questions in front of our industry when the mobile industry luminaries gather to share their insights and perspectives of the days ahead. Mobile Future Forward fireside chats and sessions are carefully crafted to give you diverse perspectives. It has been an exciting journey putting together the program and we are looking forward to seeing many of you there on Monday. We are confident that the discussion and the speakers will inspire us with new ideas and inform with actionable insights.

My thanks for our excellent partners who have helped put together a wonderful program: Intel, Amdocs, Compuware, Ericsson, Juniper, SAP, Synchronoss, Tekelec

Full Agenda at

I am really looking forward to seeing many of you on Monday.