Mobile Breakfast Series: IoT Q&A with Intel

Mobile Breakfast Series: IoT Q&A with Intel

We are delighted to have Raine Bergstrom, VP and GM at Intel participate on our panel. We caught up with to get a preview of our upcoming Mobile Breakfast Series event in London on June 17th in partnership with Telefonica.


Raine is joined by execs from BMW, Telefonica and Worldsensing and we are exploring the opportunities in the “Internet of Things” world.

1. There is a lot of investment buzz around the IoT. M2M and similar concepts have been around a long time. What’s your sense of why there is interest and activity?

While the core use cases and actual implementations have been around for years in what could be defined as “IoT”, we have seen the maturing of several core paradigms across hardware, software and services. This maturation enables enterprises to accelerate the scale, security, and ability to take to market new IoT business models and not just one-off solutions.

2. Intel is considered a major player in the IoT segment both from the chipset point of view as well as the services. How does Intel see the IoT opportunities?

For Intel, IoT’s synergy of software and hardware is perfectly aligned with our hardware and software portfolios. End-to-end solutions need devices to collect data, but also require software and services, particularly API management and big data, to realize the value of that data. Intel is uniquely situated to provide a silicon to cloud solution that IoT customers can depend on.

3. What specific segments or verticals are seeing more traction than others? Why?

IoT has the potential to modernize rapidly in Smart Cities, Fleet, Manufacturing, Automotive, and the Public Sector. These are all early leaders due to the heavy logistics and wide variety of legacy devices in play today. The more interesting question is what happens in Phase 2 of IoT using the IoT data that is collected and monetized.

4. As you look at the IoT opportunity down the road, say 5 years out, where will be the most value reside in the stack?

There will be two value segments, the IoT platform that is scalable across segments and the vertical solutions for each industry. API management will be central to any platform that allows the aggregation of APIs and the services they create. The Vertical solutions will require deep segment knowledge, but still leverage a platform. Launching products today is not just a matter of designing for current partners and customers. It’s about designing API programs that aim to target entire industries.

Raine Bergstrom is a vice president in the Software and Services Group at Intel Corporation and general manager of API Services. He takes the lead on market and product definition, as well as the execution of API management. He also defines the IoT Services Platform strategy, helping deliver a true end-to-end IoT solution for some of Intel’s largest customers.

Prior to Intel, Raine was an executive and founder of several successful startups, and led software groups for Microsoft, AOL/Time Warner and Adobe. He holds multiple patents in mobile messaging and formerly served as a director of the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA).