Mobile Breakfast Series: Dec 8th Program

Mobile Breakfast Series: Dec 8th Program

We have added Rahul Sonnad, CEO, Geodelic to the panel to bring us the perspective of a startups as well as insights into the location and commerce trends for 2011. The final group of panelists are:

Frank Barbieri, Founder and Chief Product Officer, Transpera (moderator)

Russ McGuire, VP – Strategy, Sprint

Jim Ryan, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Motricity

Ross Spearman, VP – Technology, Ericsson

Jonathan Ebinger, Partner – Blue Run Ventures

Rahul Sonnad, CEO and Founder – Geodelic

I am delighted at the composition of this panel led by Frank. (the website has the bios) The group is already very engaged and is looking forward to seeing you all. Have your questions ready.

As some of you might have seen from our Q3 2010 US market update, the mobile market continues to grow at a rapid pace. 2011 is shaping up really nicely with investments in infrastructure, NFC devices getting introduced, commerce is about to go into next gear, a plethora of tablets and connected devices slated for introduction in the next 3-6 months, most of the top-end automobiles will have a 3G/4G chipset (and a data plan), developers are being courted from all sides, mobile advertising has become more dynamic than ever, regulators are itching to do more, cloud computing is reshaping network architectures and business models, and what would 2011 be without the platform wars. We will have a good 90 minutes to tackle it all. (As a homework assignment, review the community predictions for 2010).

If you have burning questions, please do let us know in advance and we will try to weave it into the panel discussion.

Location               Columbia Tower Club, 701 5th Ave, Suite 7600, Seattle, WA 98104


7:30-8:30             Breakfast and Registration

8:30-10:00           Panel Discussion

10:00-11:00         Networking

We will start at 8:30am sharp so please try to come in early. Parking can be tricky in downtown, so please plan accordingly.

Thanks to all who have already registered. If you plan to attend, please register at your earliest convenience so we can plan the space accordingly. We will probably close registration by Nov 30th.

Thanks to our sponsors: OpenMarket, Motricity, and WDS for making the event series possible.

We also have a great set of programs coming in 2011. More on that on Dec 8th.

Hope you can join us.