Mobile Advertising Book Update: Manuscript Complete and Shipped

Mobile Advertising Book Update: Manuscript Complete and Shipped

Joe, Victor, and I met in Jan 07 to kick-around the idea of writing a book on Mobile Advertising. In Feb, we put together a proposal and sent it out to some publishers. In two weeks, we signed John Wiley & Sons as our publisher. We started researching and writing in April. Fast Forward five months.

We just finished the manuscript and shipped it to Wiley.

Done! at least the first round. It has been an intense exercise. I will share more in the coming weeks and months but for now, I will leave you with the draft table of contents (subject to change):

1. History of Advertising

2. A Perspective from the World of Web Advertising

3. A Five Points Framework

4. Global Wireless and Advertising Market Overview

5. Introduction to Mobile Advertising

6. Challenges And Accelerators for Mobile Advertising

7. Mobile Advertising Models

8. Case Studies from Around the World

9. Technology: The Lifeblood of Digital Advertising

10. Navigating the Privacy, Security, Trust, and Regulatory Minefield

11. Mobile Advertising – What Comes Next?

12. Perspectives

13. Conclusions and Recommendations

Now, let me go and get some sleep ..