Mobile Advertising Book: Testimonials

Mobile Advertising Book: Testimonials

Here are the final set of testimonials before the book gets out. Then, will be looking to your feedback πŸ™‚

β€œThis necessary book is the kind of roadmap we all wish we had back in 2001. It will guide you to success in mobile advertising, hopefully helping you to cross the chasm from unproven to proven success for your brand. It will help technologist think about what they can bring to the table, and investors think about where to invest.”

From the Foreword, Greg Stuart, Former CEO, IAB, Coauthor, What Sticks?

“If you believe the future is wireless, then this book is a guide to that future. Simple, fact filled and astute.”

Om Malik, Founder GigaOM

β€œThe authors provide unique insights into the emerging world of mobile advertising in light of the distinct features – and challenges – of mobile media, and their perspectives will help operators and marketers grow mobile advertising and ensure the delivery of benefits to users, providers, and advertisers alike.”

Dr. Robert Roche, VP, CTIA – The Wireless Association