Mobile Advertising Book Progress

Mobile Advertising Book Progress

Have been hiding working on the book for the last few days. Getting close to finishing up two more chapters

Market analysis

a. How big is the market?

i. Trends and forecasts

b. Implications of mobile advertising

c. Addressing the problem

i. The problem of mobile reach

ii. The problem of storefront

iii. The problem of understanding the customer

iv. Push vs. Pull

d. Publishers – the old and new guard

e. What do advertisers want?

i. Advertising industry growth

ii. How does mobile fit in?

iii. What ads might be mobile only? What ads might be multi-channel (Web, Mobile etc)

Mobile Advertising Value-Chain Analysis

a. Introduction: Mobile Advertising Value Chains

i. How does the value chain compare to other advertising mediums?

b. Messaging


d. Mobile Search

e. Local Search

f. Downloadables

g. Mobile Video/TV

h. Mobile Audio

i. Mobile Community

j. Directory Assistance

k. Code based

l. Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC

m. Active Screen

n. Differences in value chain across regions

o. Evolution of value chains

p. Takeaways


Have been interviewing many of the leaders in the space. More on that a bit later.