Mobile Advertising Book: Countdown -7

Mobile Advertising Book: Countdown -7

So far all engines are go for a Feb 22nd launch. Next friday, the book starts shipping from Wiley warehouses. It takes 1-2 wks to stock them at online retailers, so it should be available for shipping from Amazon and BN by first week of March. International shipments should start the second week of March.

So, if you ordered from Wiley, you will get it by end of the month, otherwise, a week or so later.

If you are in Seattle, please do come to our event on Monday Feb 18th. Details at If you are in bay area, hope to see you at our event at Stanford University on March 19th. Details at

I will also be doing a keynote at NW Wireless Association meeting on March 4th where I will be talking about what we kind of changes and growth can expect in the next couple of years in the global wireless industry.

Will probably do another wireless event in March in Seattle and then CTIA in April.