Millennial Media’s SMART numbers

Millennial Media’s SMART numbers

Millennial Media released their monthly numbers today. Some interesting data that caught my eye – cause marketing and fund raising is on the raise in large part due to Haiti and Chile disasters. This might have some tangential benefits to the industry – consumers getting used to paying with mobile (in addition to of course helping the cause and raising money)

The second interesting point was the rise in Android impressions in a month. Could it be Nexus One or Droid or both?

You can download the full research at

from the release –

Special Section – Mobile Cause Marketing:

1. We featured a third-party study focusing on the growth of mobile fundraising and its audience’s demographics. The study conducted by Convio, Edge Research and Sea Change Strategies analyzed findings from a national survey of US charitable donors that was conducted the week after the earthquake in Haiti occurred.

2. According to the research, “Prior to January 12, 2010 little more than $1M had been raised via mobile text…close to $50M has now been raised though this channel” in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.”

Engagement & Targeting:

1. Mobile behavior trends saw an uptick: January’s average user session time of 4:57 (min:sec), increased to 5:14 (min:sec) in February, the longest session time we have seen since our June ’09 S.M.A.R.T.™.

2. Advertisers continued to heavily leverage mobile-specific campaign actions such as Application Download, Place Call, Subscribe Purchase, M-Commerce, and Store Locator.  Application Download and Place Call represented the top two in February with 31% and 29% of calls to action respectively.

3. Together, Traffic to Site and Application Download represented 65% of all campaign destinations on our network, further validation that advertisers continue to develop a persistent mobile presence


1. Two new Quick Stats were added to our February S.M.A.R.T.â„¢ – RIM and Android network impressions. Android impressions increased 25.3%; the largest month over month increase the OS has had on our network.

2. Apple increased once again and remained the number one device manufacturer with approximately 39% share of impressions.

3. Following Apple’s impression share lead, the Touch Screen category increased 17% month over month within the Device Input Method mix and led with a 54% share of impressions.

4. Wi-Fi also retained the largest impression share of the U.S. Carrier Mix in February and held 26% share of impressions.