LTE vs. WiMAX – Seminar by Vern Fotheringham

LTE vs. WiMAX – Seminar by Vern Fotheringham

My co-author and friend Vern Fotheringham is giving his LTE vs WiMAX workshop at LTE Americas Congress today

LTE versus WiMax – Are These Technologies Purely Competitive or Potentially Complimentary?

  • The Basics
    • Mobile WiMAX (Unpaired Spectrum) – WiMAX Forum
    • LTE (Paired Spectrum) 3GPP
    • Will the two year head start for Mobile WiMAX be a threat to LTE?
  • Exploring the possibility of harmonization between the two technologies to achieve global convergence and interoperability between all networks
    • Analyzing TDD vs. FDD and the difference in capabilities between the unpaired and paired frequencies
    • Speed in the uplink and downlink
    • Coverage capacity
    • Seamless roaming capabilities
    • Latency aptitudes
  • How Do LTE and Mobile WiMax Match-Up From a High-Level Network Performance and Service Delivery Perspective?
    • Mobility Speed Performance (Velocity Issues)
    • Data Rate Profiles (QoS, CIR, PIR, Over-subscription Policies)
    • Network Topologies
    • Link Margin Comparisons and Differences
    • Platform Convergence Issues (Fixed, Portable, Mobile)
    • Service Convergence Issues (Voice/Audio, Data, Video/Image)
  • What Are The Practical Realities Facing the Migration to Pure IP Networks for LTE Operators versus the Greenfield Next Generation Mobile WiMAX Network Builds?
    • LTE Negatives
    • Overhang of Legacy Systems Integration and Harmonization With NGN
    • Outside Plant Cabinet Space & Leasehold Expansion
    • Cross Training Across Multiple Levels of Operations
    • Mobile WiMAX Greenfield Negatives
    • Limited Resources of All Types
    • Real Estate Challenges (Last Into A Crowed Field – Best Sites Taken)
    • Recruitment of Experienced Staff and Training Gaps
    • Finance

Workshop Leader
Vern Fotheringham

I couldn’t join in but I think people at the conference will find it quite enlightening. Vern is a fun and an engaging speaker with oodles of knowledge.