iPhone – Can you connect to my email?

iPhone – Can you connect to my email?

Road warriors live and die by emails, they are also the ones with deep pockets or corporate stash fund to buy devices like iPhone but would they carry two? most wont. i had raised this point when the device first surfaced in Jan. i will still be surprised if Apple doesn’t offer a RIM and/or Exchange solution for email. Perhaps not at launch but has to do something within 1-2 months to resolve this issue or else the one million interested will drop by half.

WSJ does the story on this today.

but, this would mean licensing software from Microsoft 🙂

Another point on iPhone, the 1M interested customer number has been thrown around quite a bit. It is likely based on the emails AT&T has recieved (from their online form). I had also sent one though i don’t intend to buy one. I bet 20-30% of the people are just curious onlookers, journalists, competitors who want to be notified about anything to do with iPhone.

But, maybe AT&T has done other surveys to figure out the numbers or maybe not?