iPhone 2.0 day

iPhone 2.0 day

Well, the second incarnation of the device goes on sale today .. media circus is active though the mania of 1.0 triumphs anything we will see today. Apps give a new zing to the launch. Interesting stats – 75% of the apps are $9.99 or lower, over 500+ apps .. it will start to look like a nice business for Apple. A number of photo, video apps e.g.

vSNAX from Rhythm New Media – One can watch the latest video clips including breaking news, celeb gossip, beautiful models, funny snippets, and more from brands you know like CBS, Spike, VH1, Style Network, AccuWeather.com, Ford Models, Ripe TV, G4 TV, Octane TV, and more.

iPhone_vSNAX Videos Free App

A new photosharing service – BigCanvas developed by Satoshi Nakajima of Windows and UI Evolution fame


Of course, standard social networking, communications, games apps abound. The Appstore is probably the single biggest contribution to the mobile industry by this version of the iPhone. The battery life, the higher cost of data plans etc will gave way for time spent on the iPhone and advertising dollars to flow